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Pipefusion is a sales and service outlet for Connectra Fusion Machines.

Georg Fischer (Central Plastics) acquired Connectra Fusion Technologies and set about consolidating its products and operations into an industry-leading lineup of pipe joining products and solutions.  A company devoted to providing a simple and cost-effective alternative for fusion machines and equipment, Connectra’s equipment is solid and reliable. But customers told them they needed more! They needed a higher level of quality, with more sophisticated functionality and improved designs — a true alternative they could confidently rely on for enduring product performance in the field. They spoke and Georg Fischer listened.

Pipefusion is confident that our lineup of fusion equipment and accessories stand up against our competitors. Redesigned, re-engineered & re-tooled. You’ve done green, now it’s time to think BLUE. The Connectra line of rugged and dependable butt fusion, socket fusion, sidewall fusion, squeeze tool equipment and accessories allows you to make high-quality specification joints on virtually any size of HDPE pipe. Connectra offers hand and electric-powered as well as self contained polyethylene fusion machine models.

Connectra fusion machines offer basic, smart, simple solutions for robust and no-nonsense operation. More and more fusion companies are switching to Connectra fusion machines because they are affordably priced and built to last, this equipment offers long-term durability and value to every end user. Pipefusion offers the full line of outstanding polyethylene pipe joining equipment to end users throughout Canada and the United States.

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Butt Fusion Machines

The butt-fusion method of joining is by far the most common method of connecting polyethylene pipe in all diameters. The ends of polyethylene pipe when heated and brought together under pressure with specialized equipment form one continuous “leak proof” pipeline. Properly made, a pipe fusion is as strong as the pipe itself and has the same life expectancy.

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